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From humble beginnings, in a small farming and self-sustaining community in Western Bosnia, all the way to Gwinnett County, Georgia. How did it all happen and why?


I was born and raised in a Communist country. Singing songs and celebrating our "great leader" were common teachings in school. This conformity was one-sided and never challenged due to the brainwashing with the awareness of what could happen if the system was challenged. Everything was owned by the government and if one wanted to be appointed to a job (find a job), good political behavior and celebration of the local communist leaders were expected, otherwise, life would be hard.


My father didn't want to be seen with anyone that was a party member --or let alone join the party-- so all of his life (and ours) was a struggle, a struggle for freedom. The only job he was awarded happened to be 400 miles away and therefore his whole life consisted of long trips and being able to see his family once a month. My mother took care of our many acres of crops, fruits, and vegetables, including seven children, and since I was the oldest there was no time in my life that I didn't work, to help ends meet.  


It would have been easy for my father to join the party, he could have been awarded a local job and spend time with his children, which he deeply desired. For him; principles, dignity, and a sense of pride were of the utmost importance, and he never wavered in his decision. My parents were very strict in school attendance with only one exception; to never attend Marxism class. 

After the civil war in the former Yugoslavia, I emigrated to the USA. That April 3rd, 1998 I landed in Atlanta, with 10 American dollars in my pocket, with a big dream and equipped only with a few words of English. Two months after my arrival I landed my first job ($6.25 an hour), and three months after that I purchased my first car ($2000 in cash).......Yeah, I was mobile and unstoppable!   


Later that year I moved to Gwinnett County and fell in love with Gwinnett at first sight. Unlike Atlanta, Gwinnett was safe, clean, and beautiful, with endless opportunities. Fast forward 24 years later and I am still here, married to my beautiful wife with three amazing children, a great career, and a wonderful home.


With all that is going on around the world, and a great love and devotion for our Country, Georgia, and Gwinnett County, I've re-evaluated and rearranged my priorities. One of my greatest priorities is to preserve our great County, to uphold the values and integrity that the people of Gwinnett hold closest to their hearts.

Thank you USA for the opportunity, Georgia, you have been a bright light on my path, and Gwinnett County residents, thank you for your hospitality. I am excited and ready to pay back for this great opportunity and will be at your service for the next 4 years.


Truly yours, John Sabic,

Candidate for Gwinnett County Commissioner 

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