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My Priorities for Gwinnett County

1. Safety and Crime Prevention:

  • Emphasize the importance of law and order in maintaining safe and secure suburban neighborhoods.

  • Advocate for increased funding and resources for law enforcement to ensure a swift response to crime.

  • Support community-based policing initiatives to foster strong relationships between officers and residents.

  • Encourage neighborhood watch programs to empower residents in safeguarding their communities.

  • Promote conservative values of personal responsibility and respect for the law.

2. Traffic Issues Regarding High-Density Developments:

  • Champion responsible suburban development that aligns with Gwinnett County's preference for single-family homes.

  • Advocate for zoning regulations that prioritize spacious, family-friendly communities.

  • Promote infrastructure improvements to alleviate traffic congestion and maintain suburban lifestyles.

  • Emphasize the need for sustainable development that respects the character of suburban neighborhoods.

  • Support conservative principles of limited government intervention in property rights.

3. Property Taxes:

  • Commit to reducing the property tax burden on Gwinnett County residents, allowing families and businesses to thrive.

  • Advocate for a fiscally conservative approach to government spending to lower taxes.

  • Seek innovative ways to generate revenue without increasing taxes, such as attracting business investments.

  • Uphold conservative values of financial responsibility, lower taxes, and limited government intrusion.

4. Public Transportation:

  • Ensure that public transportation services align with the suburban lifestyle and preferences of Gwinnett County residents.

  • Evaluate the efficiency of public transportation routes and eliminate wasteful spending (empty buses).

  • Prioritize cost-effective private transportation solutions that cater to the needs of suburban communities (engage our business community and churches for ideas).

  • Encourage the use of private transportation alternatives to reduce government dependency.

  • Emphasize the importance of individual choice and conservative values of self-reliance. If you are able please consider making a DONATION to increase our chance of success.


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