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I come from a proud family that values: hard work, accountability, and personal responsibility. Gwinnett County needs a new set of leadership that works for Gwinnett county residents and not for a special interest. We need to improve and strengthen our educational facilities, roads, and utilities and make public and school safety a top priority. With over two decades of private sector experience in design, design management, and project management, I know what it takes to find the best solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done within our budget. Gwinnett residents of all walks of life: We need to change course now so we can enjoy a better tomorrow,

Vision for Gwinnett County


No place for politics in our schools, teach children how to think not what to think. Gwinnett county schools are/were one of the best in the nation and we don't need the Washington, DC or Hollywood mentality input to keep it that way. We can handle this, Gwinnett County parents. We have some safety issues in our schools and this needs to be addressed (sooner than later) with our local school leaders and community, our kids need a safe environment to be able to thrive. 


We need to stop with high-density developments (apartments etc.) because we are overwhelming our schools, roads, and utilities. We are killing Gwinnett County!!! We need to fix and improve what we already have before making any other major commitments.


More police presence on our streets, more technology, and crime prevention. Gwinnett County is in the news more and more lately and we need to reverse it. When? ASAP.


Clean water, clean lakes, rivers and streams, clean and safe parks, neighborhoods, and our recreational facilities.


I am a fiscal conservative with my own money therefore I will be the same with your money if elected to be your next Gwinnett County Commissioner. Our approach should be lower taxes, and a smaller more agile government that provides a good framework and streamlined process for private investments. We need to explore the creation of a "Rainy Day Fund" to keep Gwinnett secure in the face of any economic challenges that may come. With high inflation, a real estate bubble, and disruptive supply challenges we need to sustain what we have and make only strategic investments.

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