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Local Leadership Matters

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A Call for Change in Gwinnett County

My fellow Gwinnett County residents,

Since I made this county my home in 1998, I've been a firsthand witness to its transformation. Despite this growth, recent trends have raised concerns. There’s been an unmistakable shift towards decisions that seem to ignore the community's well-being and preferences—a departure from the values and considerations that should guide our leaders. An arrogance has emerged, one that lacks respect for the citizens who call this place home, and it’s something I cannot stand by and watch.


The essence of my vision is to recalibrate our government's focus, ensuring it serves those it was elected by and for, not hypothetical future residents or external interests. Fiscal responsibility means more than just balancing books; it's about valuing every resource and making decisions that benefit our community today without compromising tomorrow. It's about a government that collaborates with its citizens to solve problems, not one that exacerbates or ignores them.


This commitment to bring government closer to the people, ensuring it operates with fiscal integrity and in true partnership with the community, must be pursued with urgency and dedication, independent of other ongoing initiatives. Sadly, our current leadership appears more invested in arguing for the needs of future residents, often at the expense of those who have entrusted them with their votes and their futures.


It's time for a leadership change—one that values every resident's voice, prioritizes current needs without sacrificing our future, and genuinely embodies fiscal responsibility. Let's work together to ensure our government reflects our values and serves us all, not just a select few.



First Money Raising Event 


Meet and Greet with
Local Voters

September 24, 2023

Announcment to run for
Gwinnett County Chairman

September 22, 2023

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