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About John Sabic

Candidate for Gwinnett County Chair

  John Sabic stands as your candidate for Gwinnett County Chairman, bringing a wealth of real-world experience and a deep-rooted commitment to our community. His journey in Gwinnett County started in 1998 when he immigrated from the former Yugoslavia, choosing Georgia as his new home - a decision that has enriched his life for over two decades.

  John's journey is a testament to the American dream, filled with hard work, success, and a deep appreciation for the opportunities our great nation provides. His extensive experience in the Architecture & Engineering (A&E) field as well as Project and Operations Management positions, has armed him with distinctive insights and viable solutions that have positively impacted municipal governments throughout the United States. With more than twenty years in the industry, John has not only honed his skills but also cultivated a passionate commitment to serving the community.

  His credentials make him the ideal candidate for County Chair, a position that demands integrity and a steadfast commitment to the prosperity and well-being of our community. With John at the helm, Gwinnett  County is set to advance towards a future where the quality of life is a top priority. His vision is to preserve the tranquil, family-oriented atmosphere while steering clear of the constant bustling, party-centric environments. He is dedicated to ensuring our neighborhoods are safe and secure, advocating for increased police presence to safeguard our streets. This initiative is key to creating an environment where our children can play outside without the fears of gang violence and kidnapping, restoring the sense of safety and community we cherish.

  John Sabic’s leadership is about striking a balance between progress and tradition, ensuring Gwinnett County grows responsibly while maintaining the values and safety that make it a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family.


My Vision for Gwinnett County

  As the Gwinnett County Chairman, my vision is to lead with unwavering commitment to conservative principles, ensuring the county thrives on the values of freedom, family, and fiscal responsibility. I am dedicated to safeguarding our American heritage and the fundamental rights that define our nation, while championing family values and individual liberties.

  In pursuing economic prosperity, my focus will be on disciplined fiscal management, aiming to bolster economic growth, empower local businesses, and ensure taxpayer money is used efficiently and effectively. Public safety and enhancing the quality of life will be paramount, with an emphasis on supporting law enforcement and ensuring our communities remain safe and secure.

  My plan for Gwinnett County includes advocating for responsible and controlled growth, focusing on sustainable development that respects our traditions and community values. Infrastructure improvements will be carefully planned to support our community’s needs without compromising our conservative principles. By embracing unity and collaboration, we’ll address pressing issues, achieve harmony between progress and preservation, and build a safe and prosperous community for all residents to flourish.

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