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About John Sabic

Candidate for Gwinnett County Chair

John Sabic, your candidate for Gwinnett County Chairman, brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to our community. His journey began when he immigrated to Gwinnett County in 1998, and since then, his love for Georgia has grown immensely, making this place an irreplaceable haven he calls home for over two decades.


John's life story is a shining example of the American spirit, brimming with dedication, triumph, and a testament to the greatness of our nation. With an exceptional background in the A&E field, he brings solutions to municipal governments across the United States. More than two decades of experience have honed his expertise, bringing a wealth of knowledge and unwavering passion to the table.


His qualifications make him an undeniable standout choice for the position of County Chair, a leader who embodies trust and commitment to our community’s well-being. With John at the helm, we can embark on a promising journey toward a brighter future for Gwinnett County, united and inspired by his profound experience and genuine care for all.


Putting Experience to Work


John Sabic, a Republican candidate for Gwinnett County Chair, combines his roles as a devoted family man and an ardent resident who holds Georgia close to his heart. After immigrating from his native Bosnia and settling in Gwinnett in 1998, his affection for the state has only deepened with time. With a professional background spanning over two decades in design and project management, predominantly within A&E companies, John also ventured into entrepreneurship, overseeing day-to-day operations for his own design build company. In the past decade, he specialized in plant design for municipal water and wastewater facilities, working with prominent engineering firms and providing solutions for major cities and counties across the United States.


Driven by a passion for elevating the quality of life in Gwinnett, John wholeheartedly strives to cultivate a community that offers exceptional rewards for living, working, and raising a family. By actively collaborating with local residents, he is steadfast in his commitment to tackling the pressing challenges that our county faces. John firmly believes that his extensive experience, exceptional leadership skills, and unwavering dedication to public service uniquely position him as the ideal candidate to lead Gwinnett County into the future.


My Vision for Gwinnett County


My vision as the Gwinnett County Chairman is to lead with dedication and embrace conservative values while fostering an inclusive environment. I am committed to preserving our American heritage, promoting family values, and upholding individual freedoms. With responsible fiscal management, we’ll foster economic growth, support small businesses, and prioritize public safety and quality of life.


My vision for Gwinnett County centers on smart growth policies, sustainable development, and infrastructure enhancements. By embracing unity and collaboration, we’ll address pressing issues, achieve harmony between progress and preservation, and build a prosperous and compassionate community for all residents to flourish.

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