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Restoring Balance (John Sabic)

Updated: May 16

Addressing the Divisive Nature of 'Woke' Ideology

The growing prevalence of woke ideology in our public discourse has become a source of division, often alienating those who value practical solutions over ideological purity. Wokeness, with its emphasis on virtue signaling, political correctness, and a false narrative of moral superiority, has not only created deep societal divides but also undermined the core values of practical governance, public safety, and law enforcement.

As someone who staunchly opposes these trends, I see the urgent need to address the tangible harm they have caused. The reality is stark: policies rooted in woke ideology often prioritize appearances over effectiveness, endanger community safety by weakening policing, and stifle honest, necessary conversations under the guise of political correctness.

This is not just about differing viewpoints; it's about the fundamental principles of how we govern and maintain order in our society. The glorification of wokeness has led to a disregard for the pragmatic, tried-and-true methods that ensure stability and security for all citizens.

In the face of these challenges, the upcoming elections are our opportunity to make a decisive stand. We must vote for candidates who reject the superficiality of woke posturing in favor of real, substantive policies. Leaders who understand the importance of strong, effective law enforcement and who are committed to uniting, rather than dividing, our communities.

Let's turn the tide against the destructive consequences of wokeness. It's time to champion leaders who represent true pragmatism and common sense, ensuring a future where safety, unity, and practical governance prevail.

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Yours Truly,

John Sabic

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